Fascinated by antiques and heritage, my mission is to spread the influence of the world of antiques.

With a special thanks to my father, Mr. Benoit Rochefort, antique dealer and picker,  I have developed a enduring passion for our cultural heritage and our history.


As an ancestral house restorer, antique dealer and event promoter, I have managed to build a reputation and solid expertise in the field.


Following up on the success of the 2018 edition of the Kingsey Falls Antique Show and the tribute to our pioneers, I have now assumed a larger role has an ambassador for the Antique Dealers of Quebec.


My new mandate is to make the North Hatley Antique and Folk Art Show a renewed and redesigned event. I have at heart the recognition of the hard work of the builders and partners in the community. I believe that together we are stronger and that together we can achieve great goals.


I will continue to be passionatly involved and will promote in a sustained way the antique industry and support this family of antique dealers that I love so much.